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I just made this tonight and it was delicious! Thanks for this recipe. You can't beat how easy it is, plus it tastes great.
Thanks again!

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Well I will get ideas from your link COOKBOOK-L.COM and you should had to wrote some recipe in your site.


I'm delighted to see you've found a new 'home' for your cookbook list. I love reading all the descriptions every time you post new ones. As I am having three floor-to-ceiling bookcases installed in my new kitchen for _my_ collection, I can't wait to keep finding more on your list I have to! I tend to specialize in 'period' cookbooks like medieval, Tudor, Victorian, Edwardian, Elizabethan etc. but, like you, also love to find any from England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales(and I love anything about baking for tea parties!). I'll have to find the new ones you just wrote about! Your blog looks like it will be fun;o) Keep up the good work!


I have read your comments with great interest and it's nice to know that you enjoy British baked goods. I was surprised to read that one of the recipes is entitled "Fish Gazy Pie", especially so as it's a well-known traditional recipe of many years' standing and owes it's provenance, of course, to the many fishing communities. The true name of this is "Stargazy Pie", so called because a couple of fish are strategically placed so that the head's, (and tails), emerge from the pastry and they appear to be gazing at the stars. (I have to tell you that the name is it's only redeeming feature.)

I, too, love baking and we do, indeed, enjoy a bonanza of fine cookery books here, led by some spectacular star chefs who all enjoy their own television series, and by leading food writers also. I hope you continue to enjoy your baking and your growing library. (I had 673 at the last count and, miraculously, I use practically all of them.)


joanne kitts

Hi, I have been looking for a tunis cake recipe for a long time as my granny would make it every year and when she died I thought it was lost forever! I clicked on your site and there it is, only my granny would use orange instead of lemon, when I clicked on the link I was totaly amazed to find that the company that sells the book is only a 1/4 of a mile away! any- who thanks very much, best wishes and happy baking, Joanne.

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