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Hi, like so many of your fan's I too am one, my friend asked me to make her a tunis cake for christmas as she could not find any in the shops, so I hunted and thank you for the rescue, as i had found your blog, and am now well prepered to try it out.


Great I can now make one!!

Joanne Okeefe

so pleased to find this recipe, we buy a tunis cake from tesco every year without fail and this year we cant get one for love nor money so now I can bake it :-) x

Lynn Curnow

PS: If I could find a way of sending a link to this site on Facebook I would post it there! Its fantastic! :D)

Lynn Curnow

Many thanks to you Pat Gundry (any relation to Ted Gundry of Radio Cornwall?) and to the site for letting you pass on this recipe! I always adored Tunis cake, brings back some lovely memories of family Christmas's of yesteryear.... so I cant wait to try this recipe. Have So missed Tunis Cake since McVities stopped making it! Would love to know what lovely chocolate they used to use in the original cake! :)

Disneyland Paris Hotels

Beautiful piece of work, thoroughly enjoyed it having this cake. Looking forward to more


You will find a picture of McVitie's Tunis Cake (the one I remember from when I was a child) on (Search Tunis Cake). A little more elaborate than recent Tesco/M&S offerings, but more nostalgic for me!



I was introduced to this cake a couple of weeks ago by a friend who bought in her mothers homemade one, for the girls at work.

I decided to go on internet to find the recipe to make myself and found yours. I made is a couple of days ago. There are only 3 of us at home at the moment and the cake didn't last 2 days!!! It's now christmas eve and we have friends coming over tonight so as I am typing this, cake no.2 is rising lovely in the oven and making my house smell absolutely gorgeous.

Have a wonderful christmas, thank you.

Jennifer (Wales)

Paul Drye

I'm very pleased that the recipes was useful. Tina Bishop is a wonderfully talented baker and we had great fun writing this book a few years ago.

Happy Cooking

Paul Drye


Do you have a photo of this one? Anyway, I love to try this! Thanks for sharing!

Nadia Tyrrell

Thank you for having this recipe - this tradional seems to be fading .... I'm looking forward to making it for my boyfriend to bring back some shildhood memories


Sooooo glad to have found a recipe for Tunis cake! My mum always used to buy one for xmas & I always loved it & my family aren't that fond of friut cake, so this is just the ticket! Many thanks


Thanks for your recipe sounds wonderful - remember from my childhood - but I thought it was made with orange juice not lemon

Pat Gundry

I'm so pleased that you were able to find the recipe for Tunis Cake here. I've added "Tunis Cake" to the category list in the sidebar to help readers more easily locate posts and recipes for Tunis Cake on Cookbookie.

A generous reader has sent me an additional recipe for Tunis Cake, which I hope to post later today.



I live in London and my family too love Tunis cake,( goes back to my childhood) but altho' very popular with "older " people is very hard to find. last year I had friends out "Tunis Cake " hunting when they shopped at all supermarkets. TESCO in Sidcup was the only place that had them and as soon as they were on the shelves they were grabbed (I myself bought 4!!).
This year my local Sainsburys in Sydenham, had them in stock so again I bought 4 and even took one out to Spain where we spent Christmas. They were smaller and only had the marzipan fruits in the centre, but the chocolate on the top was softer and more tasty but still yummy and £4.99 each.
My son who is now 30, loved it with custard, and I have to say, when it does get a bit dry, is still lovely.
My niece moved up north to Lancashire and she was having great trouble tracking down Tunis Cake, so maybe with all the interest, they may bring them back.
Best Wishes


Pauline Kahney

My son just got back from a trip to the UK and, to my astonishment, said he couldn't find a Tunis cake, which we were looking forward to for a more "Britishy" Christmas in our adopted country. Oh well, I guess you have to stop looking back with rosy-colored glasses.....


I just told my husband last week I would do anything to find a Tunis cake. I'm 59 from Wales living in the US. I remember this cake from my childhood. Never homemade but commercially purchased. The description of this cake sounds spot on.

I will make this for Christmas. You are a saint providing this recipe. I hope you have a wonderful holiday which ever way you celebrate.
Thanks you, thank you, thank you.

Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year

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